The talent acquisition team for Van Andel Institute thought it might be helpful to remove the veil that so often surrounds the talent acquisition process.

We, as a team, fully understand the frustrations that can be experienced when pursuing new career opportunities. This is why we’ve taken the time to provide information to you in a transparent and up-front manner.



On this site you can familiarize yourself with the types of opportunities that are of interest to you, and target the positions best suited to your skills, experience, and desired location. Select "Employment Listings" and explore positions that interests you. Select "apply" to create and submit your on-line Profile for a job opening.


Based on a review of your on-line Talent Profile and CV/resume, you may be contacted to schedule either a phone or video interview by a member of our talent acquisition or hiring team to discuss your experience and the position for which you applied.



Based on our initial discussions, we may schedule a time for you to meet one-on-one with others at Van Andel Institute. Be prepared to discuss your skills and experiences. This is also an opportunity for you to learn more about our organization and get to know our people. We encourage you to ask questions about the job requirements and the type of work you would be expected to do. Upon completion of the interview process, it will be determined if an offer will be extended.


Last but not least, upon acceptance of our offer, your talent acquisition member will help you coordinate your start date. You will be contacted by a member of our on-boarding team with details of your new hire process and training.



Below, are some FAQ's that applicants often inquire about and we hope this will assist you with our talent acquisition process at Van Andel Institute.


1. When I submit my resume on your website, where does it go?

After a CV/resume submission, your information is automatically stored in our Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Once it is in the ATS, a Human Resources team member and/or a Hiring team member will review it.


2. I submitted my resume and never heard from you. What happened?

Unfortunately, we cannot respond directly to every resume that is sent to us. It is not uncommon for us to receive 100 or even 200+ resumes for certain open positions. While we will review every CV/resume, we simply do not have the bandwidth to reply to every resume that is submitted with individual feedback. However, we do promise you will be notified with an auto-generated email from our ATS if you are not chosen for a position.


3. Why can’t I send my resume directly to you or a Hiring Manager?

You are welcome to, however, when you submit your resume directly to us via email or postal mail, it is not automatically loaded into our ATS system and, therefore, not searchable or viewable by others. So while it’s perfectly fine to do so, your resume may actually receive more attention by following the standard procedure of applying through our website.


4. How long will the application process take?

Sometimes an opening has a specific deadline. Other times, the wait may be as long as it takes to find the right fit. Our average time from position opening to position closing is 4-5 weeks, which includes the candidate notice period.


5. What if I’m interested in working with Van Andel Institute, but do not see a position that matches my background?

You can submit your resume for general interest via our ATS system. Additionally, you can sign up for Job Agents to be notified whenever a new position becomes available, or you can simply visit our website on a regular basis.


6. Where can I find more information about VAI’s benefits?

Please visit this page.


7. How long will my resume be stored in your system? If a new job becomes available, should I resubmit my resume, or will you automatically review it again?

Resumes are stored for 2 years in our ATS. When a new position is posted, we first look at candidates already in the system. However, if you have interest in a new position and have previously applied for a separate position, it’s as easy as clicking a button.


8. Can I resubmit my CV/resume if it has been revised and updated?

Yes. To do so, please log-in and attach your current resume.  Our HR Talent Acquisition team will see the new version when looking at your CV/resume.


9. Am I able to submit my name for consideration on more than one opening?

Yes. You may submit your CV/resume for as many positions as you want. However, when applying to openings, candidates whose experience and qualifications are aligned best are tyically considered.


Thank you for your time and best of luck in your career search!