VAI's Human Resources is committed to its people and has established five key principles to follow to ensure our employees have the experience, capacity, and skills to meet the needs of our Institute today  and into the future.

1. Workforce Excellence – Attract, develop, retain, and engage a high performing workforce while promoting diversity and respect.

2. Workforce Diversity and Inclusion – Embrace differences and ensure that a broad set of ideas, culture, and knowledge become the hallmarks of the Institute.

3. Innovative and Collaborative Environment – Employ best practices that lead to quality results and foster innovation, discovery, collaboration, and interdisciplinary research, all of which are based on informed/balanced risk taking.

4. Culture of Fairness, Respect, Civility, and High Ethical Standards – Develop, nurture, and reinforce trust, empowerment and risk tolerance through listening, soliciting feedback, conducting assessments and responding to issues in a timely manner. Seek to act with integrity, communicate openly and honestly and accept responsibility for your actions, while engaging in mutual problem identification, goal setting, and resolution. Ensure that our actions and behaviors contribute to a respectful, welcoming, safe, and healthy work environment where we confront issues, not the people presenting them.

5. Environment of Learning – Foster a supportive learning environment which values diverse perspectives and shares responsibility between the employee, manager, and organization.